CAN CAN FRIENDS 4 — Can Can Press


Can Can Friends 4
With contributions from: Alice Bloomfield, Momo Gordon, Rania Esstafa, Maite García Argul, Angela Kirwood and Jackie Crespo

Can Can Friends, a publication that showcases unique and playful graphic design work by artists from around the world, comes back this year with a juicy and colorful edition full of flavor.
For its 4th edition, Can Can Friends invited six female artists to interpret in their own way the question, “Why are you in love with me, Jolly Rancher Man?” As a result, the readers encounter themselves immersed inside these fictional set of worlds to imagine out of colors, shapes and characters developed using different techniques and narrative experimentation.
-Text by Valeria Sanchez Campo

78 page book
First Edition of 400
27.5 x 30 cm
Risograph print